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Security is a vital part of a business, especially if you deal with confidential information. And with growing numbers of people who can look into the information you share online, it is prudent to provide your businesses with the strongest protection available. Avast Business Antivirus offers advanced antivirus protection for all devices. The app provides the essential protection your devices needs against malware, ransomware, and spyware. If you need to run a secure business, this app is an essential endpoint.

Sophisticated online security

With Avast Business Antivirus, you can be sure that your business’ confidential information is safe from harm. The app provides sophisticated online security measures to make sure that you are thoroughly protected. The power of its four protective antiviruses will prevent anyone in your office from sending and receiving infected emails. It will also keep you and your employees from downloading risky files. More so, it will block access to dangerous websites.

Additionally, Avast Business Antivirus comes with an impenetrable firewall that will give you maximum protection without slowing down your business operation. This firewall is completely customizable, allowing you to easily adjust the parameters according to your needs. Avast Business Antivirus can also analyze suspicious files with its CyberCapture feature, which creates 360, 000 new malware stains daily so that your virus database is always up to date.

Avast Business Antivirus can also check your systems to make sure that no malware can get past your security. With its SmartScan, users can conduct thorough yet unobtrusive scanning without slowing down their PC. The app will skip over non-vulnerable parts of your system for maximum efficiency and save you time.

Your overall protection in one place

Keeping your devices secured is easy with all the antivirus applications available nowadays. However, not all of them allow you to easily manage your protected device. Avast Business Antivirus lets you manage all devices in your network from one console. With this, you can block dangerous websites, set templates, and group devices, and have it working for all your computers at work. This feature also allows you to schedule tasks in advance and have all devices under your control all the time.

Furthermore, by managing your network in one console, you can have comprehensive reports of threats and malware on all your devices. By having regular reports, you can pinpoint which device is more susceptible to malware and spyware threats. Avast Business Antivirus can also mix and match different antiviruses and operations systems. The app combines Windows and Mac server devices, so you don’t have to create one for each server. 

With this, you only need a single subscription to have your entire operation protected. The manager console comes at no extra cost. It also allows you to invite other administrators, so there is more than one person who can keep an eye on your network security.

Works great with other services

Plus, Avast Business Antivirus can be paired with other online services from the Avast Business collection of security programs. Avast Business Patch Management allows you to identify critical vulnerabilities in your PC system and quickly deploy updates to all endpoints in order to protect them. Its automation is designed to be easy to use so as not to disrupt your workflow and save on time and money. It will simply scan your supported devices, deploy the necessary patches, and review their statuses. 

You can schedule when you’d like these patches to be deployed, customize them based on your software vendor, product, or patch severity, and even roll them back or uninstall them if they’re not working right for a device. All activities for this service can easily be viewed on its corresponding intuitive dashboard and lets you check both the scan results and device health with its reports. It also displays which patches have been approved or not so you can double-check their safety.

Another viable service is Avast Business Cloud Backup, which enables you to secure your data in case of any unforeseen circumstances. It protects your data and devices from ransomware by applying AES-256 encryption. Plus, it’s easy to set up as an automated process, too—allowing you to back up as often as possible and wherever you may be at the moment. This is highly helpful in case you need to quickly upload and recover your files. 

It features a selectable backup system that lets you choose exactly what file you want to back up and what could be left behind; one-click usage that offers remote deployment of the service to other devices; and unlimited file versioning which allows for previous versions to be restored. The reports you get contain comprehensive information, as well, such as your backup history, storage usage, and any anomalies found. Both of these services do well with the main antivirus feature.

The protection that your business needs

Avast Business Antivirus is a versatile and strong endpoint protection tool for all your network security needs. It comes with a highly configurable antivirus, an intelligent firewall, smart network scanning, and some other top-quality features. And if that’s not enough to convince you, the app’s Opwat Antimalware gold certificate and other awards will surely make you decide. If you are looking for an app that can give you solid security, Avast Business Antivirus is a no-brainer recommendation.

Advanced antivirus protection for all devices

Antivirus is the first line of defense against today’s cyberthreats so it needs to be powerful. Avast Business Antivirus is an award-winning, full-featured antivirus solution for small and medium-sized businesses that keeps devices protected from today’s sophisticated cyberthreats – whether it’s a known ransomware variant or a never-seen-before, zero-day attack.

Predict and identify new threats
400 million+ active users in our network provide a continual stream of data that helps us quickly identify and destroy any threat – and predict future ones. Across the globe, our immense cloud-based machine-learning engine is evolving and learning, making our solutions smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever.


  • Solid and sophisticated protection
  • Configurable antivirus
  • Manages your network in one console
  • Excellent web filtering


  • Lacks role-based administrative audit trail
  • No customizable email notification
  • App’s dashboard is not configurable
  • Some visible upsell in the management console

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